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Meet Betty Lou. Harmonic Healing.

Feb 6, 2024

I did a thing, and I just have to tell you about it!  

Maybe you are like me, maybe not, but it really doesn’t matter because I genuinely believe the Harmonic Egg is for everyone. We’ve all got our stuff.  I have a busy mind, I overthink, the combination of ADHD + anxiety + SAD really hit me heavy this winter. There are two places my mind is able to completely focus or feel free, and that is when I’m coaching or when I am in nature. My form of meditation is getting outside, walking, observing, and just being. I truly feel as though my mind flows and I am able to ‘just be.’  I have not felt that way (yet)  when I have tried to sit and meditate. This is why the Harmonic Egg was such a game changer for me. When I try to sit, my mind usually darts around and I feel quite restless. These would be some of the standard thoughts: I could be doing that email, is there laundry to do, did you respond to the comment on social media, what groceries do we need, do I have all of my appointments in my calendar, what does my to-do list look like today, and the main one “it’s only been 3 minutes?!” etc.

I went to Resonance (, which is where I was able to experience the Harmonic Egg (Betty Lou). It opens in April, outside of Hanover and Britt is the most incredible host (I could write an entirely separate blog on that, but I’m trying to stay focused here, we all know that isn't easy for me)! Forever grateful to Rachel who planted this seed in my soul.  I’m usually the type who feels super intrigued by something, but I won’t necessarily book it (hello anxiety telling me all of the reasons not to), only to think to myself later “I wish I had gone.” I probably went to the site 4-5x, knowing the entire time that I wanted to do it and it was exactly what I needed. This was a great lesson for me, next time I feel pulled, I’m not circling around - I’m taking a big fat giant leap. Start listening to the Universe and stop listening to doubt. I never used to listen to my intuition and that blew up in my face, more than once I might add. Now I listen, and I am so glad I do. Wellness from within - immerse yourself in soothing light, colour and sound frequencies to harness your body’s innate healing capabilities.” (From the site) I genuinely believe in our bodies incredible ability to heal itself, I believe our mindset is one of our greatest strengths and I also fully believe in the power of the Universe.

I know this will come as no surprise to you (if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written), but I’m probably going to bounce around a bit… join me, won’t you? For those who aren’t local to me - you can go to this site and find the nearest location… or not. It is entirely up to you!  I ain't here trying to sell a dang thing, I just want to share something that removed blockages and opened up my soul in a way I haven't quite been able to articulate.. and probably won't be able to while I'm here.

My point of this post isn’t pushing anyone to do anything they don’t want to, I simply love sharing my experiences and things that help (or helped) me. It is sharing, and an invitation, never a requirement. I’m not going to break down details of the process, aside from being closed into the Harmonic Egg with 40 minutes of soothing sound, and 10 minutes of silence. For details, you can check out the sites I listed or I’m happy to answer questions, but I can only speak to my experience and not necessarily the technical side of things.

I immediately felt compelled to write about it… I wanted to wait until my 3 sessions are done, but I talk about it every single day (I wish I was joking) and see no reason why I have to wait. Beyond that, 3 sessions is absolutely just the beginning of my bond with Betty Lou. This was what I wrote following my first experience: The Harmonic Egg essentially releases (and released) negative vibrations. When I came out my limbs all felt light, I almost felt like a cooked noodle (in a good way). As an anxious over-thinker - I was excited, which I found odd. Typically I feel fear or apprehension before trying anything new. It isn’t that I won’t try new things, but resistance is usually the first feeling I experience. I am a big time creature of habit, which I’ve tried to hold a lot more loosely (I learn things daily through coaching. and implement them all).  Now I don’t find it odd at all that I was excited and I feel as though I was divinely guided. I’ve always been open to spirituality but I’ve definitely been more curious over the last few months, listening to more podcasts and just wanting to explore it. I can honestly say when I try to sit in stillness with myself, as I mentioned above,  I typically am like “oh my gosh how has it only been 3 minutes” and my mind is shooting from one thing to the next. I absolutely love hiking or walking in nature, it is the space where my mind is most clear. But sitting is an entirely different experience. I love solitude and being on my own, but I still really don’t know the last time I had felt calm energy, even when I was "relaxing" I didn't feel relaxed. I stopped drinking coffee in May which dramatically decreased my anxiety, but it was still there. I almost always had a tight chest, and if I was ever nervous about something, I would feel the worry in my body and it derailed my sleep pattern.

The egg closed - my typical overthinking kicked in (even though I knew the answer), do I close my eyes? Should I open them? What will be most effective? I wonder if I’ll get clarity on what my next big project should be? And suddenly I was overcome with “not right now… just be.” Calmness happened in a matter of minutes. I fully trusted I didn’t have to search for answers, I didn’t have to think of all of the things, actually I didn’t have to think of anything at all. I was shooketh.

I felt my body go into a state of complete calm (almost like I had a weighted blanket on me). I had my hands overlapped and I couldn’t feel them. I pinched to see, and I was in fact still clasping my hands. Bizarre. Then I did a body scan, noticing that every limb just felt light, it was like I was floating with a weighted blanket of calm wrapped around me. At this point in time, my usual narrative would be “what the fuck?” And I would look for answers, or start thinking “how many more minutes.”

Instead.. I felt overwhelming calm and allowance to “just be.”At one point in time a vision of hockey came up, as if I was competing and suddenly I couldn’t figure out how that thought came in - but it felt like a message that I’m aligning with people who don’t compete and instead just lift one another up. There is no competition. For the last few years I haven’t felt a sense of competition with anyone, I only compete with myself in the pursuit of trying to grow. I feel as though I am coming into alignment with souls who are in that same space. It’s not about competition. It’s about collaboration. Or celebrating people for where they are at. Period.

Then suddenly in my mind there was a shark, I can still see it so clearly, at the top of the water. Britt sent me the meaning after too, she did try to tell me during our follow up chat, but I was just all over the place and flabbergasted by how I felt, it was hard to keep focus. “With its sleek and powerful form, the shark becomes a bearer of spiritual energy, guiding us to tap into our inner strength, enhance self-confidence, and fearlessly navigate life’s challenges with precision and adaptability. At the core of the shark’s symbolism lies the essence of primal power.” I have been feeling pulled to speak more directly about my message, with a little bit less tip-toeing to try and make sure I don’t upset anyone. Instead I want to speak about what my experience is, where my beliefs lie, and I understand that not everyone will agree and that is completely okay. I don’t have to censor myself because we are humans with a wide variety of opinions. I have been growing SO much more comfortable in finding my voice, but I was still tip-toeing and definitely had a fear of some of the online spaces and keyboard warriors. At the end of the day, it’s okay to disagree, I don’t have to turn around and make it mean anything about me. I am not in this world to engage with keyboard warriors or let comments keep me from sharing what has worked for me (and thousands of others). Working for This Naked Mind has opened my perspective on pushing through those fears in finding your voice. Annie got a TON of pushback when she first published her book. If she had let it scare her, thousands of people would not have found freedom + healing + growth.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s funny because before the session I went in with no expectations and an open mind. Then in the beginning of the session when the egg closed, I was wondering what answers I would find and my brain tried to do it’s usual dart-around dance, and I immediately felt that I didn’t need to look for an answer, again I just needed to “be.” The weirdest part was that my brain and body listened. Without hesitation or resistance. Anyone who knows me well knows how crazy that is.

At the end I felt the most clarity that I was meant to be there. As I said I’ve been dipping my toes into spirituality and I’ve always been open but it was almost like this was a different kind of invitation. It’s been many years since drinking or doing drugs, I’ve done a lot of reflection… a lot. I continue to learn more about myself on a daily basis. I also work damn hard to be aware of my resistance, my fears, my limiting beliefs, my doubt, etc. I have always and will always embrace being perfectly imperfect. I fully commit to always being a work in progress. This was such a reminder that I need to take that time for myself, and that being open to new things is always a great experience. You might question the word 'always' but either you learn that something isn’t for you, or you find something that helps bring you a little bit closer to your higher self. I had absolutely no expectations going into the egg. I had no idea I would connect with me, with calmness, with no anxiety or running mind. I wasn’t waiting for the next thing, I wasn’t looking for answers, I wasn’t thinking about work or what I “should be doing.” I just was.

I left feeling so light, so clear, and like my vibration could bust through the ceiling.

I went for my second eggsperience and honestly, I just feel… clear. My chest feels open instead of tight, my heart feels full and I still feel calm energy surrounding me. Shortly after my first hangout with Betty Lou, opportunities knocked on my door that would normally cause a spike in anxiety, along with many sleepless nights. Instead, I felt ready, I felt calm, and I trusted in myself. I feel more certain.

Here is the thing, I don’t want anyone to go into any experience thinking it will be an earth shattering awakening - and I most certainly cannot say every person will have an experience like mine. But you really have no idea what could open up for you, and isn’t that kind of brilliant? Maybe it takes a few visits to get comfortable, but who knows what is on the other side? My word of the year was Expansion + Explore, and this was in total alignment. 

People will always think about trying the thing: I want to cut back on drinking to see how I feel… but self doubt, fear, limiting beliefs, and all of those things are the first to show up. 

I saw “sound/light” therapy and immediately my interest peaked, but for other people they may think “it sounds strange” and that is totally okay… but what if it is strange and amazing all rolled into one? 

People might be considering therapy but thinking it is scary to talk to someone and fear of judgement might creep in. 

I know years ago I would have never spent money on myself. Even for a gym membership, I'd think "that's too much" or AG1, something strictly for my health. Yet, we typically spend money on fast food, alcohol, coffee at the drive thru, things to make sure our families are happy and have everything they need, but when it comes to something that is good for us mentally and physically... "oh that's too much."

All I can say is: if you feel pulled towards doing something, do it. What is the worst that happens? You learn you don’t like it and it isn’t for you. That’s great, pivot. And when it comes to trying any version of therapy, coaching, energy healing, etc - I would also offer that your first experience doesn’t speak for all experiences. I spoke to a psychotherapist many years ago and just didn’t feel a connection or any benefits, that doesn’t mean I grouped all psychotherapy/psychotherapists into one basket - I spoke to someone else. Anything new isn’t familiar and our brain doesn’t like the unknown.Sometimes we have to try things more than once to experience the benefits and just allow ourselves to get comfortable.  I often say coaches, therapists, different healing modalities: it’s like trying to find a new pair of jeans, sometimes you’ve got to try on a few pairs to find the right fit. 

Next up, Harmonic Egg for my 3rd (not final) visit, followed by a visit to the Bunkie (Soulpurposereiki)  for some Reiki with Rach. This soul is all about expanding and exploring this year + beyond. Our community has so much to offer. Trying something new is scary. Change is scary. But what is also scary is not trying something out of resistance and fear. You could miss the opportunity to find what feels so incredibly right for you. Also.. staying the same. The idea of staying the same (as the version of me from years ago) - that scares me the most.  ** Edit to add (I lied above) I went for my 3rd visit, and loved every minute of it. I tend to take my sweet time writing, editing, writing more, procrastinating, thinking I should add or change things, etc. Maybe I'm just putting attention more, but the Universe has been dropping me signs every single day and I feel more certain than ever that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be.

Essentially, I just wanted to share my experience because I’ve done a lot of healing and soul searching the last few years and this helped me clear blockages and hold space for myself in a completely different way.

As always, please feel free to reach out and message me with any thoughts or questions.

Here is to 2024: a year of expansion, exploration and less tip-toeing.

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