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You intuitively know how to create a sacred space for people with doubts and insecurities to be who they are, to know they are enough, to let go of shame and guilt, to feel worthy of their best life. 

I felt understood and not alone anymore. Hayley is patient and truly listens and is easy to be transparent with without judgment. She has helped me get back on track when I have relapsed and beat myself up. She has a unique way of making you reach for the right decisions and make the choices that work for you. I would highly recommend working with Hayley if you feel like no one will “get what you are going through,” she will. 


I was drawn to Hayley because of her honest and supportive attitude and her energetic spirit. Since then, Hayley has been a solid and reliable support, a part of my sober squad, bringing both compassion and perspective to my own journey. Hayley helped me to see there is no linear path to sobriety, that we all have our own unique set of circumstances, challenges and choices. She helped me understand that mistakes can (and do) happen but that they don’t have to end the journey to a better life. You keep going, and keep using the tools you’ve acquired. 


She is knowledgeable and passionate about her role in helping others to live a better life. And she has made it her life’s priority - her dedication has been evident since the very first time we met. Her attitude is one of acceptance, love and determination.  She has been a light in my life, and her example has inspired me to keep going and keep living the path of self improvement the path away from misery and addiction. I couldn’t more enthusiastically recommend Hayley for anyone searching for a recovery coach. She will meet you where you are and help you pull yourself from the depths to a life worth living. 


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