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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I became a This Naked Mind certified coach because I believe in the science and compassion based approach that Annie Grace beautifully put together. I also recieved a certificate from The Center for Addiction and Mental Health on the Fundamentals of Addiction. 

My life experience and capacity for compassion serve as my guiding light when it comes to coaching and being able to meet someone exactly where they are at.


Living Over the Influence is about finding comfort and confidence in your own skin and breaking through your limiting beliefs and self doubt.


You don't have to hit a rock bottom to realize alcohol is negatively impacting your life, but if you have, I promise you it was a lesson and not a life sentence.


as Featured in:

This Naked Mind Podcast

Episode 679: Hayley's Story

Annie’s guest, Hayley, opens up about her journey from social drinker to the painful consequences of relying on alcohol.


The Sobriety Diaries

Relapse: How to come back stronger with Hayley

“It felt as though my passion and purpose aligned and I applied to be a certified This Naked Mind Coach.”. 


Curious on Life Podcast

Breaking through & Living Over The Influence

On this  episode of Curious on Life, the podcast, Rebecca speaks with  Hayley who vulnerably shares her personal  journey battling addiction.  


Over the Influence

Dry January with Hayley

Hayley talks to us about the joys that alcohol-free life has brought her after alcohol and drug misuse meant she hit her rock bottom. 


This Naked Mind

PATH Coach & Alcohol Experiment Coach

I host several coaching sessions in most of Annie Grace's fantastic programs, including the This Naked Mind Institute presentations, where new coaches are trained.


LAF Life

LAF Life (Living Alcohol Free) Ep.19

In episode 19 we had the pleasure of speaking with another fellow Canadian, Hayley Scherders. Hayley is now creating her own path in the online recovery community.


Free resources

Everybody loves free stuff, right?

Free eBooks, Journals, Apps and loads of advice. Head over here to get your alcohol free journey onto a great start!

Statement of integrity

living over the influence

At Living Over the Influence, my focus is on guiding clients to transcend the negative influences that hinder their well-being.


Personally, I'm dedicated to a lifestyle centered on personal development, continual growth, and expansive living.


For myself, those things are possible through being alcohol-free and cocaine-free. However, I refrain from using the term "sober," opting instead for a path of mindfulness and deliberate, conscious choices.

I firmly believe that just as some individuals require glasses for clearer vision, others may need medication. My approach remains open to various modalities, including THC, CBD, psychedelics, and other alternatives, provided they align with the client's coaching objectives. I believe in inclusivity and I do not discriminate in my practice because of my choice to be alcohol and cocaine free. I understand that each person's journey is unique. I emphasize mindfulness and an open-minded perspective.

As a compassion-driven coach, my commitment lies in assisting clients in liberating themselves from anything obstructing their connection to their authentic self. Having conquered my own battles with alcohol and cocaine, I cultivate an atmosphere of safety, trust, empathy, and compassion.

My goal is to empower clients to shatter limiting beliefs and shed habits that hinder their progress. Drawing from personal experiences and professional training, including programs from This Naked Mind (TNMI Institute and Affective Liminal Psychology) and The Fundamentals of Addiction with CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), I serve as a guide, motivator, and ally, assisting clients in discovering their own path forward.


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