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Break through your beliefs to find


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My name is Hayley and I am from a small town in Ontario, Canada. For years I have known that I want to work with people to help them find freedom from habits that have become destructive in their lives.


I truly believe our mindset allows us to open doors and shift the trajectory of our future. In July 2020 I was introduced to "This Naked Mind" and Annie Grace. It felt as though my passion and purpose aligned and I applied to be a certified This Naked Mind Coach. While my training focuses on helping people find freedom from alcohol, it can be applied to so many areas of our lives.


Living Over the Influence is about finding comfort and confidence in your own skin and breaking through your limiting beliefs and self doubt. The influence can be alcohol, drugs, social media, society, unhealthy relationships and the list goes on.


You don't have to hit a rock bottom to realize alcohol is negatively impacting your life, but if you have, I promise you it was a lesson and not a life sentence.


How I Can Help You

Living Over the Influence is about finding freedom in all forms and living the life you truly desire. 

When you are able to change your mindset, you are able to change your habits and thus change your life. 

No one takes their first sip of alcohol and thinks “perhaps one day I will find myself stuck in a cycle that I can’t break free from.” I mean, I don’t have any statistics on that but I feel pretty confident that when people have their first drink - this isn’t what they envision.


As a certified This Naked Mind Coach with a lot of life experience in the alcohol arena (and alcohol-free arena) I am confident I can help you break the cycle.


Did you grow up with a parent who had unhealthy drinking habits and say “that will never be me” but you’ve recently been recognizing an unsettling pattern? 


Do you find yourself shrinking? Holding yourself back because of your self doubt and limiting beliefs?

I offer 1:1 coaching in a safe, non-judgmental space where we can isolate your beliefs, deconstruct them and turn them around. 


You can find freedom and I want to help you get there. You’ll soon discover you’ve been holding the key all along. Ask me how I know?! 

  • Free introductory coaching call!

    30 min
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