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My name is Hayley and I am from a small town in Ontario, Canada. 

I am a This Naked Mind certified coach and I help people find freedom from alcohol.

I am a retired "party girl" - I started off drinking on the weekends but never really had that infamous "off-switch." I went through many phases, maybe at one point I was a gray area drinker, but more often than not, by definition, I was binge drinking. Then I wound up using alcohol (and cocaine) as a coping mechanism while I was in an unhealthy relationship and my moms health was declining. My train had left the station at an early age, but it finally came off the tracks. Oddly enough, I am so grateful that it did.

My mom had alcohol use disorder while I was growing up, I would always say "that will never be me" - as if those words were a shield of armour. (They weren't, by the way).

I genuinely believed not drinking would mean my life was over, when in fact, it was truly just beginning.


We don't need alcohol, we've just been conditioned to believe we do.


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How I Can Help You

I offer 1:1 coaching in a safe, non-judgmental space where we can isolate your beliefs, deconstruct them and turn them around. 

If you had told me I could have liberation from thinking about alcohol, and that I could completely remove any desire... I would have said you are crazy. But it is 100% possible.


Living Over the Influence is about ultimately finding freedom from the habits or substances that are negatively impacting you. For me, specifically, that was alcohol and cocaine, which no longer take up space in my mind.

I do not use the term 'sober' nor do I say I am in 'recovery.' 
You can find more information about that on the About Me page and you can always reach out for more information.

Let's shift fear into curiousity. Let's turn self doubt into self confidence. 

No one takes their first sip of alcohol and thinks “perhaps one day I will find myself stuck in a cycle that I can’t break free from.” I mean, I don’t have any statistics on that but I feel pretty confident that when people have their first drink - this isn’t what they envision.


As a certified This Naked Mind Coach with a lot of life experience in the alcohol arena (and alcohol-free arena) I am confident I can help you break the cycle. The same applies for cocaine as well.


Was alcohol fun once upon a time but now it seems to be taking more than it is giving?

Are you questioning whether or not you are in control in your relationship with alcohol?

Are you googling am I an alcoholic (by the way, this is a label free zone and that isn't even a medically recognized term)?  (If you are asking that question, you should go ahead and click the "request to book" button below).

Do you find yourself waking up with hangxiety, telling yourself you'll change "tomorrow" and months have passed but nothing has changed (maybe things haven't actually gotten worse)?

Are you allowing fear to hold you back because of the shame, stigma, and fear of judgement?

You're not alone.


You can find freedom and I would love to help you get there.


You’ll soon discover you’ve been holding the key all along. 

I am here to help you discover it!

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Listen to my story and why I decided to become a coach. Plus more about my story.


Find out all the details about how we can work together, and the plans I offer. 

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