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A few things you should know when it comes to sobriety. 1) It is not a linear journey. 2) There is more than one way to find freedom.

3) You may have a different approach than someone else who is also trying to get sober - and that is perfectly okay!

There is such an incredible shift towards an alcohol free movement. Whether you are wanting to give up alcohol because it has become a problem, or you simply do not see any benefits from it, here are a few things I wish I knew.

Take the advice and guidance that resonates with you - and leave the rest. Be open to the help of others, but understand that if something does not feel right for you - that is perfectly okay - and just because 100 other people love it or do it - it doesn't mean you have to.

AA was the most popular method for finding sobriety just a few years ago. Now there has been a large movement in "quit lit" (books), online communities (This Naked Mind, We Are the Luckiest, Alcohol Explained etc) and dry bars/mocktails are becoming - dare I say - trendy!

I think a red flag (for me) is seeing people be told "if you don't do it this exact way - it won't work" or "you need to attend meetings for the rest of your life if you want to stay sober."

I became a coach because I believe in empowering people to build a strong alcohol free foundation so that they don't feel the need to rely on anything external to maintain their sobriety. I don't believe it is fair to tell anyone what they "need to do" in order to build sustainable habits that allow them to find their own personal freedom. There are so many amazing programs, resources and recommendations, people should be encouraged to try what they can, take what works and build their own personal plan. That is why I believe 1:1 coaching can be so incredibly effective: because it is personally tailored TO YOU.

Whatever the reason is for your sober curiousity, please just know, it may be an unpopular opinion: but there is not ONE right way to do it.




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